1)Who is SupremeAccountants.com?

We are an accountant referral company that connects businesses, individuals and other entities with accountants that are trusted and have the appropriate experience to match their needs.

2)  How do you know that these accountants are competent and trustworthy? 

Although these accountants do not work for us, we perform a due diligence review that includes the following steps: Confirming any state certifications, requiring a self certification as to experience and skillset, following up with all referrals for a satisfaction survey to make sure that we do not retain sub-performing accountants.  We also require the accountant to provide a copy of their privacy policy and description of methods used to secure confidential  client data.  finally, our process does not end at the referral as we agree to communicate any post referral complaints you may have to the accountant, and seek resolution.

3) Why is your service superior to other referral sources?

Other websites are run by salespeople and internet techies.  Our management is comprised of accounting professionals with combined industry experience of +50 years.  In fact, one of our accountants will call you directly.  Finally, we maintain our network in a very limited geographical area – Namely, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.  This is an area that we are able to know, understand and manage.  If you have needs outside this area, we have some outreach sources (contact us) and we have accountants that can serve you remotely.  Other referral companies perform mass advertising and have limited ability to develop a working relationship with their accountants.

4) How much does the service cost?

This is a free service. Contact us and we will answer any additional questions.  Our free consultation does not bind you to any obligation.

5) How much will the accountant charge?

The accountant charges according to their standard billing rates.  You pay no more than other clients.  We can obtain quotes for services from several sources.