Based upon our time tested qualifications, these are the key factors that will determine your satisfaction with a newly hired accountant:

  •  Relevant experienceHire an accountant who has experience with the size and type of business similar to yours.  An accountant who has much experience in large manufacturing companies, will not be a good fit for a small service business and vice versa.  Always keep in mind that you hire them not only for technical skills but also for their years of experience.
  •  Reputation – Although many accountants are “certified” (ie, a “Certified Public Accountant”) , and can impress you with their knowledge and experience, you still need to dig a bit deeper.  Are they reliable?  Are they communicative?  Are they proactive?  Are they appreciative of their client’?”  Even very skilled and experienced accountants can lose sight of their reactive-ability.  You don’t want to be constantly checking up on your accountant so it is best to hire one that somebody you trust has put their “stamp of approval” on the professional.
  • Appropriate size and support - You must anticipate the services that you will be needing, now and in the future, to evaluate whether the firm can adjust to your needs efficiently.  For example, a one person firm would not be the best choice if you need bookkeeping, tax planning, tax return preparation and financial statement preparation.  Instead, a firm with varying levels of professionals, and many specialties would be better suited to your needs.
  •  Philosophy, work habits and availability – The accountant is a member of your team.  Do they share the same work habits as your team?  Do you expect them to be available at night and on the weekends?  Can they go to bat for you with banks and investors because they truly share your vision?

It is stressful to fire and hire an accountant that does not meet your needs.

SupremeAccountants.com  seeks to provide you with firms that we have associated with in order to minimize disruption and maximize satisfaction.