Protecting Your Online Tax Identity

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Alarmingly, one of the leading tax return preparation software programs, TurboTax, had the electronic filing service temporarily shutdown by several states on account of identity theft. The problem seems to have been rectified, with Intuit (the owner of TurboTax) providing a rapid response to the alleged fraud. The Wall St. Journal noted a prominent red flag tipping off taxpayers of potential fraud: change in a taxpayer’s direct deposit information.

The problem seems most notable in three areas: Washington DC, Georgia and Florida, whereby the IRS is providing an extra layer of protection to residents of those jurisdictions.

Two helpful guides to avoid being a victim of identity and other types of tax fraud can be found at:

National Consumers League Tips to Avoid Tax Pie

IRS’ Tips for Taxpayers, Victims about Identity Theft and Tax Returns

Stay alert to unexpected changes or notices from tax authorities. Good luck!