Our network of trusted expatriate (“expat”) tax experts can help both U.S. citizens or green card holders, even those who have permanently moved to another country, all of whom still need to file annual U.S. tax returns. These “expat” tax filers may also qualify for special tax breaks and/or benefits that reduce or eliminate your U.S. tax liability. Our trusted tax experts know that “expat” rules are complicated. However, ignoring your U.S. tax filing obligations may lead to substantial monetary penalties and potential increased future taxes. Our trusted network of experts understand how to meet your expat tax needs and have substantial experience helping dual-residents fulfill their U.S. tax obligations. Act now, as FATCA and other new rules require foreign banks to report information about certain U.S. citizen bank account holders. This should give you urgency to contact one of our trusted expat tax professionals today, even if you haven’t filed in the past, since the IRS is also offering amnesty for dual-residents who did not meet some of these reporting requirements in the past.

We can get you to the tax professional that has extensive experience with expatriate taxes AND is able to work with you remotely.

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